Money in Your Pocket

For most people, the major appeal of a DIY system is the cost savings. Buying your DIY system through ACD saves you money without compromising the security of your home or business.

Local Experts You Trust

The added benefit of buying your DIY system from ACD is that you don’t just save money. You develop or enhance a trusted relationship with the local experts you’ve heard about from your neighbors or already know and trust from your own experience. We are active in our local community supporting youth development programs and outdoor recreation events. Read about our recent efforts on our company blog, or on Facebook / Twitter.

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Do It on Your Schedule

The beauty of a DIY system is that you don’t have to schedule an appointment with a technician, skip work or miss any of your usual events or activities. You install your system when it’s convenient for you and at the pace that works for you.

Get Help If You Need It

Another unique advantage of choosing A.C. Daughtry is that you can choose to have our professionals install your DIY system. Simply add it as a purchase item during the checkout process.

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You Can Change Your Mind

It’s easy to change your mind if you decide DIY isn’t right for you. We’ll be there for you every step of the way if you’d prefer full-service installation instead. Just keep in mind that it’s available only in New Jersey. Learn more about our full service offerings on our company website.

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Save Money - State of the art equipment and features - 24/7 Monitoring

Select professional security equipment with state of the art features. You save money by installing the equipment yourself with quick start instructions and online videos to guide you every step of the way. ACD activates & monitors your system 24-hour a day, deploying emergency responders if your system is activated.

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Select Your Equipment, Easily Install with Videos and Guides, We Monitor 24/7
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